500 seater CONVENTION HALL – with audio Visual conferencing equipment, facility for high fidelity recording,video projection/video graphs etc.

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Conference Rooms

30 Seater fixed-seating hall with excellent acoustics and state-of-the-art multimedia facilities.Ideal for large seminars, corporate presentations, press iteractions, product launches.

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Guest Room & Suites

For large conferences rooms can be booked based on availability. Room reservations can be made for a maximum of 15 days at a stretch.

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The I-TEC Technopark is a planned and managed facility with focus on research, innovation and product development where IIT Delhi, industry and government agencies collaborate to create advanced technological solutions. TheTechnopark organisation would be supplemented by shared resources such as technical and commercial service providers, utility services, restaurants, banks, convention centre, parking, security, reception, internal transportation, recreation and sports facilities.

500 seats

Two Lecture Rooms
100 seats each

Two Conference Rooms
30 seats each

Guest Rooms