Welcome to I-TEC Technopark

Services offered @ Technopark

  • To accelerate product-oriented research and development.
  • Galvanize entrepreneurial aspirations.
  • Provide avenues for IIT Delhi students and faculty to interact more closely with industry.
  • Amplify technological and societal impact of research at IIT Delhi.
  • Enhance capability in cutting edge fields of science and technology to achieve global leadership.

Space Lease

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) – Organisations desiring to lease space at the I-TEC Technopark are requested to contact FITT. Based on their R&D commitment companies/organisations can choose between light/heavy engagement model with IIT Delhi.
  • Tenure of Lease–Space allocations will initially be made for 5 years. Renewals will be based on performance review

Who can apply?

Core Tenants: Companies/Organizations with known accomplishments in Manufacturing, R&D, Product Design & Development, Product or Process Engineering, Product Qualification and Production Support Activities, e.g.;

  • Companies that support development of novel technologies at IIT Delhi.
  • Companies that provide a significant number of high value-added innovation and technology jobs.
  • World leaders (actual or potential) in innovation, technology, market coverage, operational excellence.
  • Members of local industry clusters.
  • Organisations with a long-term commitment to build technology competence in India through investment in people and intellectual property.
  • Incubatees: Embryo and start-up companies growing out of R&D activities/incubation programmes/companies founded by first generation entrepreneurs.
  • The primary criteria of admission of the incubatees (innovator group or a start-up) shall be based on a valid business plan around a technology idea
    Contact FITT for incubation opportunities at Technopark.

500 seats

100 seats each
Two Lecture Rooms

30 seats each
Two Conference Rooms